St. Paul's is seeking a bass or baritone section leader/soloist to support our choir of volunteers and six professional singers. The choir sings a wide variety of literature from Renaissance to modern in a traditional worship service.

Cleveland Park Congregational is looking for experienced choral singers to occasionally supplement our choir. 

St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church in Foggy Bottom is seeking to hire a BASS 2 to join its all-professional octet. Please note, we are looking specifically for a low bass.
The choir sings every Sunday throughout the year at the 11:00am Sunday mass. There are no mid-week rehearsals, and the Sunday appearance includes rehearsal for upcoming weeks. In addition, the choir sings at Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.

CtK is seeking a skilled, Bass professional choral section leader. Time commitment is approximately every other Thursday evening for rehearsal and every other Sunday morning for one service.

Schedule: Weekly rehearsal and service Sundays, 9-9:45AM (rehearsal) and 10-11:15AM service.  Additional services for Christmas Eve, Holy Week and Easter.